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Your supplement for your inner peace & relaxation.

Take it easy

Slowing down, letting go, and finding calm are of great importance in today's hectic world. This applies not only to women but equally to men. Modern life is often characterized by stress, whether due to professional challenges, financial pressures, or personal obligations. In the long term, stress can lead to health problems. Therefore, methods for deceleration and relaxation are crucial to meet the demands of everyday life and to maintain both physical and mental health.

An Extra Dose of Calm with Relax

Those who are balanced not only find work easier but are also less susceptible to illness, can better handle difficult situations, and are more relaxed and understanding in their interactions with others.

How comforting that you can contribute to your well-being with the right nutrients and nutritionally valuable ingredients. Ideally with Relax. Here, magnesium, acerola fruit, aronia berries, and chamomile flowers, among others, exert their balancing effects. Additionally, vitamin B12 promotes normal nerve function, B6 helps ensure that hormones don't go crazy, and riboflavin helps protect cells from oxidative stress. This way, you can calmly face the ups and downs of life.

Why Relax?

These ingredients in Relax contribute to greater balance and well-being.


Read more about a relaxed lifestyle

Phases of life or situations are marked by fatigue, stress, mood swings, and lack of motivation. Especially during such times, it is important to pay attention to a healthy diet so that the body receives all the essential nutrients. The body has a higher demand for vitamins and minerals when experiencing stress, anxiety, and anger. To maintain balance, relaxation supplements are recommended.