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Menopause complex with sango sea coral, yam root, chaste tree, lady's mantle, and many other valuable botanicals to support menopausal symptoms.

  • featuring natural, highly bioavailable calcium from sango sea coral
  • 100 % vegan & hormone-free
  • scientifically validated formula
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Take 2 capsules daily with plenty of water.

The product should be taken for a minimum period of three months.

Men, postmenopausal women, and pregnant women should only take iron after consulting their doctor.

Refrain from consuming additional iron supplements.

Do not exceed the recommended intake. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store the product protected from light, sealed, and out of reach of children.


60 capsules = supply for 1 month with a daily intake of 2 capsules

only 0,67 € per day

Ingredients Meno


33.1 % Sango sea coral powder (contains 20 % calcium and 10 % magnesium), fennel seed powder (Foeniculum vulgare), coating agent: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vegetable capsule shell), sage leaf extract 10: 1 (Salvia officinalis, contains 2 % essential oils), iron gluconate, 5.5 % Chinese yam rhizome extract 12:1 (Dioscorea batatas, contains 20 % diosgenin), 5.5 % lady's mantle leaf extract 4:1 (Alchemilla vulgaris), lemon balm leaf extract 10:1 (Melissa officinalis), chamomile flower powder (Matricariachamomilla L. ), lavender flower powder (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.), St John's wort extract 8:1 (Hypericum perforatum L., contains 0.3 % hypericin), 0.8 % monk's pepper fruit extract 10:1 (Vitex agnus castus), cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium L-methylfolate

Please check out the product images for a complete nutritional table.

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Due to legal restrictions, we are unfortunately not allowed to make specific efficacy claims about the ingredients in our products. For this reason, you will find limited or no information about the effects of our products. According to EU regulations, these are the legally permitted statements regarding the effects of individual ingredients in Meno:

  • Energy-yielding metabolism: Magnesium, iron and calcium contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • Nervous system: Magnesium and vitamin B12 contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Homocysteine metabolism: Vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and folate contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism.
  • Psychological function: Vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and folate contribute to normal psychological function.
  • Muscle function: Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function.
  • Bones: Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones.
  • Cognitive function: Iron contributes to normal cognitive function.
  • Tiredness and fatigue: Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Hormonal activity: Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.
  • Blood formation: Folate contributes to normal blood formation.

Embrace your transition

During menopause, your body undergoes significant hormonal changes, comparable to a rollercoaster ride. This can have a considerable impact on balance and overall well-being, resulting in typical symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances, irritability, mood swings, and depressive moods. To support you through this period of mental and physical imbalance, we developed Meno. Our aim is to help you to fully enjoy this special phase of your life.

Instead of resorting to hormone-containing remedies, which can often cause strong side effects, Meno relies on the powerful support of nature: the included extracts of chaste tree, St. John's wort, lady's mantle, yam root, lavender, and many more offer support throughout the entire transition.

Our promise

  • Natural plant extracts

    Experience the power of nature with our carefully selected plant extracts.

  • Made in Germany

    Developed and manufactured in Germany, because quality is our top priority.

  • Without colorants or additives

    We avoid any colorants or additives and focus on essential ingredients.

  • Laboratory tested

    To ensure and maintain our quality, all products are regularly tested.

What makes Meno so unique?

  • Meno

    Our hormone-free supplement offers a balanced blend of nutrients aimed at promoting hormonal balance. For instance, Meno contains vitamin B6, which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity*. Additionally, during this phase of life, maintaining bone health is particularly crucial. Sango sea coral consists largely of natural calcium, which is necessary for maintaining normal bones. Supplemented with valuable plant extracts, your body is optimally nourished to promote overall well-being and sustain your energy levels.

A harmonious plant composition.

    Meno Lovers

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    Your questions, our answers.

    How long should I take Meno?

    The product should be taken daily for a minimum period of three months.

    How many capsules are included in one package?

    One package of Lactaval contains 60 capsules. This supply is sufficient for one month with a daily dose of 2 capsules.

    When should I start taking the product?

    You can start taking Meno at any time.

    At what time of the day should I take the product?

    Preferably after the first meal, so that the nutrients can be optimally absorbed by your body.

    Are your capsules vegan?

    Yes, both the content and the shell of our capsules are vegan.

    What are the ingredients?

    Our capsules contain numerous plant extracts: chaste tree, lady's mantle, St. John's wort, yam root, lavender, and many more, as well as additional essential nutrients.

    Please find the complete nutritional table above in the product images.

    Can I combine Meno with other products from håvsund?

    Yes, Meno can be combined with the following håvsund products:

    ✔️ Hair Vital
    ✔️ Relax
    ✔️ Immune

    How long is Meno shelf-stable?

    Meno, as well as all other håvsund products, are shelf-stable for up to 2 years and 4 months from the production date. Please find the expiration date on the product packaging.

    Is there a discount?

    Yes, you can save as follows:

    10 % discount on the 2-pack
    20 % discount on the 4-pack
    30 % discount on the 6-pack

    Do you have any questions, concerns or feedback for us?

    Then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and send us a message via the chat symbol down below in the right corner. Scroll down within the chat window until you see the field "Contact - Write us".