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håvsund Fertile+F

håvsund Fertile+F

for women with fertility issues

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"Wow, time has come!"

How nice would it be to say these words after looking at the pregnancy test?

Mit håvsund Fertile+F unterstützen wir dich bei deinem Kinderwunsch. Fertile+F is designed for female fertility and to make your body ready for pregnancy. 

✔ Details: 30 Kapseln Fertile+F für die Frau (ausreichend für 1 Monat)

✔ 100% vegan & gluten-free, as well as free from any additives or colorants

✔ Developed & produced in Germany, tested in certified laboratories

✔ Easy intake: leicht zu schlucken, nur 1 Kapsel täglich

Icons Fertilitätskomplex & natürliche Pflanzenextrakte
Icons Made in Germany & für Veganer
Icons Fertilitätskomplex & natürliche Pflanzenextrakte
Icons Made in Germany & für Veganer

For women...

✔ ...with the desire to have children.

✔ ...who finally want to found a family of their own.

✔ ...who want to get pregnant.

✔ ...with limited fertility.

What customers have to say



IRON contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin and oxygen transport in the body and stimulates cell division.


FOLATE (the natural form of folic acid) as a "fertility vitamin" can increase fertility and thus promote successful fertilization. It should be taken at least 4 weeks before conception in order to replenish body's storage sufficiently. Folate is also very important during pregnancy to ensure a good development of the fetus.

The folate we use is the natural form of the synthetically produced folic acid. We have deliberately chosen the natural form folate, because it is bioactive and can be utilized directly by the body. This is not the case with conventional folic acid, which is very often used for dietary supplements. 


LADY'S MANTLE has been used for centuries thanks to its important phytohormones.


VITAMIN B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.


ZINC contributes to normal fertility as well as normal reproduction and supports cell division.


IODINE contributes to normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function.


ELDERFLOWERS support the follicle-stimulating hormone from the pituitary gland.


SIBIRIAN GINSENG EXTRACT or also called Taiga Root Extract, mainly has a stress-relieving effect and eliminates cell-damaging free radicals.


How long should I take Fertile+F?

The product should be taken for a period of at least four months as indicated, since eggs, similar to sperm, take about 3-4 months to mature and their quality depends, among other things, on the nutrients they absorb.

Should both (woman and man) take the products?

Wir empfehlen, dass sowohl Mann (Fertile+M) als auch Frau (Fertile+F) die Produkte möglichst zeitgleich nehmen. Ausnahme: Liegt beim Mann ein fehlerfreies Spermiogramm vor, dann reicht es, wenn die Frau Fertile+F einnimmt. 

How many capsules are in one package?

One pack of Fertile+F contains 30 capsules Fertile+F (for women). Thus, one pack is sufficient for one month.

Is there a quantity discount?

Yes, you can save as follows:
10% off starting with the double pack
20% off starting with the four pack

30% off starting with the six pack

How can I order?

Select the requested quantity, click "In den Warenkorb" and complete your order.

How much does shipping cost?

Currently, shipping is free of charge.

What payment methods are available?

These vary depending on your location. We offer: PayPal, Credit Card, Invoice via Klarna, Instant Bank Transfer and many more.
You will find out which payment method is available for your location at checkout.

I got pregnant with Fertile+F but now have unopened packs left. What can I do with it


We will gladly exchange unopened and undamaged packages for a corresponding voucher.

When should I start taking it?

You can start taking the product at any time. It does not matter if you just had your period or a long time ago.

At what time of day should I take the product?

Ideally, after the first meal.

Should I pause taking it at a certain time during my cycle?

Fertile+F should be taken continuously without a break.

I am pregnant. Should I continue taking Fertile+F?

As soon as you are pregnant, you can always switch to our Folify. If you still have an opened blister of Fertile+F, you are welcome to finish it.

What are the ingredients?

Lady's mantle herb has been used for centuries thanks to its important phyto-hormones. Iodine contributes to normal thyroid function, while vitamin B6 supports hormone regulation and iron supports the formation of red blood cells. Together with other precisely balanced active ingredients, the result is a formula that signals to the body, "You're ready!"

Die komplette Nährstofftabelle findest du here.

Should I take the variant with or without iodine?

For women who suffer from thyroid disease, we have introduced the variant without iodine. So if you don't have any problems with your thyroid gland, we recommend the variant with iodine.

I have hypothyroidism. What do I have to take into account?

We have developed håvsund Fertile+F without iodine especially for women with hypothyroidism. If you need to watch your iodine intake, we recommend the variant without iodine, so that you can take the individual amount of iodine that your body needs. We also recommend to consult your doctor again.

Does taking Fertile+F help with PCO or endometriosis?

håvsund Fertile+F was not developed specifically for PCO or endometriosis, but we have already received positive feedback from many women despite PCO or endometriosis. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for a pregnancy, but it is certainly worth giving it a try.

I have an irregular cycle. Can taking Fertile+F make a difference?

Fertile+F can help rebalance your hormones to help regulate your cycle.

Can I combine Fertile+F with other håvsund products?

Yes, håvsund Fertile+F can be combined with håvsund Relax, håvsund Immune and håvsund Multiva.

What is the shelf life of Fertile+F?

Fertile+F and all other products in the håvsund family have a shelf life of up to 2 years and 4 months from the date of production. You can find the expiration date on the respective product packaging.

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